7 Lucky Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is known as the tattoo body art that can also be used as a hobby for some people. Sometimes, people choose a symbol that reflects their personality and personal to be painted in the body. However, did you know that certain symbols are inscribed on the body through tattoos are believed to bring good luck?

Here are some of the symbols tattoos believed to symbolize good fortune, as reported by the Times of India (26/01).
1. Dice Symbols
Dice may be synonymous with gambling and games of probability. However, it also reflects the dice luck in facing future is uncertain and risky. A symbol of dice with lucky number seven symbolizes abundant unbelievable. So is the picture of two dice ‘snake eyes’ or two dice, each showing a single figure.

2, Horseshoe Symbols
Horseshoe has long been considered a good luck charm. The ancient Romans believed that the horseshoe shaped ‘U’ can ward off evil. Horseshoe shape itself is equated with the crescent moon signifies fertility. Painting horseshoes tattoo is considered to ward off bad luck and invite good luck.

If you are a fan of tattoos, there is no harm in trying to get a tattoo with unique symbols such luck. Believe it or not problems that can bring good luck symbols, fully back on yourself.

3, Seastar Symbols
Sea stars, where five angle symmetry is known to bring good luck, especially if each colored a different angle. This belief comes from the sailors who use the North Star to guide them when lost at sea. Star tattoos are considered to bring good luck and can bring them back home safely.

4, Cat Halo Symbols
Cats are known as mysterious animals have nine lives. With the halo symbol, which glows yellow circle, on top of his head, a cat is considered to bring good luck.

5, Lizard Symbols
Gecko or lizard known to symbolize the human soul looking for the light. In addition, this reptile is also considered a symbol of good luck.

6, Swallow Symbols
Swallow tattoos are usually found on the hands, chest, or neck of the sailors. Picture sparrow is considered to bring good luck because there is a legend that says that if there is a drowned sailor, sparrow would take their souls to heaven. Swallows represent freedom and hope. Not only that, these animals also showed images of love, affection, and loyalty to family and friends.

7, Triple Seven 777
lucky 777
In history, the number seven has always been associated with good luck. So do not be surprised if the combined number 777 is considered to bring good luck in abundance.