Learning About the Best Tattoo Removal Cream

In the past years, using tattoo removal cream became the trend since it was cheap and widely available online or at personal care stores. Tattooing is the process of inserting the ink in the second top layers of the skin called dermis. Tattoo came from the Samoan term “Tatau” where it was also first discovered. Culture may or may not signify tattoos as pieces of beautiful art. There are many reasons why people get tattoos and reasons why they want to remove their tattoos. Hence, there also several ways tattoos can be removed.

Why People Want to Remove Their Tattoos

Although there are several reasons why people get a tattoo on their skin, about 21% regret having one at a very young age. They usually think that having a tattoo signifies permanent marks or being marked for life. Most individuals who regretted having a tattoo had it when they were in early twenties. Others wanted tattoo removal in order to restructure themselves, as they experienced embarrassment. Some wanted to remove their tattoos due to a lifestyle change, problems in wearing clothes, or getting hired in a job.

Ways on How to Remove a Tattoo

Even though tattoos are designed to be permanent marks on the skin, many people opt for methods that can effectively remove tattoos. Besides using tattoo removal cream, there are many ways tattoos can be removed on the skin. Below is the discussion of each methods of removing tattoos:

  • Tattoo Cover-Up – this method can be used by tattoo wearers on eliminating a tattoo that they did not like. You and the tattoo artist may need to discuss the design and techniques that the old tattoo can be covered up. If the cover-up is done artfully, the chances making the old tattoo invisible is 100%. Nonetheless, some tattoos were done using bright hues making it hard to cover-up with a new tattoo. The next method would be to have the individual undergo laser treatment.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal – the medical field regards laser tattoo removal as the gold standard in eliminating marks. Lasers are effective in breaking down the ink, which is later absorbed by the body. The result is similar to the natural fading caused by sun exposure. The color of the tattoo is also an important factor in this kind of method. Some tattoo colors can only attain a specific amount of light absorption spectra. In order for the laser to be effective in removing the tattoo, the pigment should have an absorption spectrum within the limits of laser. Nonetheless, if pigments are not within the range of the laser spectra, chances of making the mark invisible may not be 100%.
  • Tattoo Removal Cream – chemicals present with these creams binds with tattoo pigment. The body does not recognize the resulting combination thereby rejecting the content. The by-product surfaces in the epidermis, which forms a scar and falls away. Besides application of the cream, it can also be injected into the dermis using a tattoo gun machine. This is performed to increase the efficacy of the tattoo cream.

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Why Opt for Tattoo Removal Cream

Unlike the laser removal of tattoos, using tattoo removal creams are safe. It contains a chemical called Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), which is responsible for eliminating the epidermis. It also has ingredients that slowly lighten, peel, and bleach the skin. This product is actually called cream to fade tattoos since it does the removal slowly but effectively. Compared to laser removal, tattoo creams are inexpensive. Creams for tattoo removal also has its downgrades like slow results and may need consistent application to show better effects.

Tips in Applying The Cream

Much research and clinical evidence should be studied in order to confirm the efficacy of this method. Nonetheless, this method can reduce or lighten the tattoo. Many consumers find it hard to trust and search for the best tattoo fade cream. If you choose to pursue this procedure, here are some tips wherein you can increase its efficacy:

  • Before applying the solution, make sure to clean the area. You may try to wet and apply sea salt on the tattoo and rub gently.
  • Ensure that you apply the cream at the same time and in the same amount every day. Always remember that removing tattoo in this way is a hard and slow process, so you need to apply the product religiously.
  • Be careful in using tattoo removal cream that contains hydroquinone. This type of product was already banned in the United Kingdom due to increased risks of having skin cancer. Having TCA as the active ingredient is the most important.

In all of these methods, always try to seek safety first before even proceeding with the other methods. If you already notice an allergic reaction to the product, seek a dermatologist’s help immediately in removing the tattoo.