Most Effective Way to Remove Tattoo

People who are permanently tattooed body may have noticed earlier, if a permanent tattoo that will stick forever in the body and is difficult to remove. But because little things were not regret, and want the whole tattoo is on the body to be removed. tattoo removal Real permanent tattoos can be removed by using a number of methods by surgeons. Several method is applied to remove the tattoo starting from the least expensive way to high-risk, high-cost methods to lower the risk. Will keep all the commonly used methods such no one can eliminate tattoos from the skin to clean as before.

Carefully think it’s much better, before it was painted body with ink permanen. Remember! Even though permanent tattoos can be removed, but it was not easy, risk and skin could not bounce back even skin can be damaged.

Here’s How to remove tattoos techniques and a variety of risks:

This technique is similar using sandpaper or a grain of sand to rub the outer layer of skin to peel off. Tattoo ink that lies beneath the layers then stay scraped with a scalpel by a dermatologist.

Although simple and relatively inexpensive, this method has the disadvantage that incredible pain, especially if the tattoo size is quite large. This technique is the risk of causing injury, and often leave scars scarring is more unattractive than the tattoo itself.

Slicing the skin
Another technique is quite easy but still must be done by a doctor is there tattoonya slicing skin. The risk of scar tissue formation in this technique is greater than dermabrasion, so it is only done on the type of tattoo that is not too big.

Slicing the skin is only done on a large tattoo if other techniques do not succeed in removing it. For example, because the ink seep too deeply into the skin or the type of ink is difficult to remove by other means.

Tattoos can also be removed by using liquid nitrogen where the temperature is below freezing. Tissue spilled liquids will freeze and shatter, then shed with tattoo ink on the layer below.

Weakness of this technique called cryotherapy is triggered serious skin damage. Doctors can not destroy a tattoo ink that is located under the skin, without damaging the outer surface with just dripping liquid nitrogen on it.

Tattoo Removal Cream
Similar to cryotherapy, tattoo removal cream also works by destroying the tattoo ink to be shed from the skin surface. Such creams generally contain a solution of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) which will react with the ink yet safer for the skin.

Another disadvantage is the price is not very expensive, which is about U.S. $ 100 for routine use.

Laser method
The most advanced technology for laser tattoo removal is, the most effective and safe enough for skin. The principle is to break down the ink particles under the skin surface, to be destroyed by the natural human immune system.

Although safe, this technology is quite expensive and sometimes take a little longer to remove certain colors such as green, orange and white. Some people are sensitive skin is also recommended to wear sunscreen after undergoing this procedure.